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Our Programs

Martha House I & II / Motel Ministry
Since 1986, Supportive Transitional and Emergency Housing Ministry (STEHM) has been serving the Wilmington, Delaware area by offering two housing solutions for individuals requiring shelter in an emergency situation or on a temporary basis.

The Motel Ministry provides short-term emergency housing for needy or displaced persons.

Martha House provides long-term transitional housing for women and their children, fostering the goal of independent living through counseling and life skills training in a safe, supportive environment. It strives to reintegrate individuals by encouraging self-sufficiency, addressing the fundamental causes of homelessness, poverty, joblessness and inability to find and maintain affordable housing.

Martha House provides children stability and access to uninterrupted schooling and social services, and reunifies families separated due to their social situations, the goal being to support a cohesive family environment and to encourage and reinforce family values.

Our Team

Kathy Bevans, President
Kathleen Murphy, VP
Theresa Morrin, Treasurer
Ellen Hamilton, Secretary
Dorothy Medeiros
Sherry Zebrook

Renee Brandon
Marsha Carter
Kellianne Conaway
Patricia Curry
Wayne Falk
Dorcas Gamble
Lois Golian
Jerry Hansen
Kathleen Hope

Eileen Mallouk
Mary Ann Marshall
Suzanne Martin
Theresa McCullin
Sheila Meara
Dorothy Medeiros
Molly Van Sickle
Margaret Wallace
Karen Zogheib